Bill Burnside

Hon. President
Dave Chappell
6th Dan Judo

Sensei Dave Chappell’s judo career began with the formation of the BP (Llandarcy) Judo Club in 1954 and over the next 10 years work and study allowed him to train at a variety of clubs including the London Judo Society, the London Budokwai and clubs around Colchester and Bath. In June 1965 he moved to Bristol and became a member of Bristol Judokwai. An injury prevented training for some years but in 1983 he restarted judo as a white belt, achieving Dan grade status within two years. In 1994 he founded his own judo school, Tora Judo Kai, which at that time was based in Shirehampton. In April 1999 he was promoted to 4th Dan and in April 2004 he received his 5th Dan grade. In July 2012 Sensei Chappell was presented with the Rokudan - 6th Dan Judo.

Executive Director
Steve Chappell
4th Dan Judo, 3rd Dan Goshin Jitsu

I am the joint Principal of Tora Judo Kai, a group of judo clubs founded by Sensei Dave Chappell. We study traditional Kyu Shin Do Judo. I also run a club in Bristol that is a branch of the Yawara Kwai Goshin Jitsu schools, Principaled by Shihan Roy Hancock.

Executive Director and Child Protection Officer
Ian Llewellin
3rd Dan Judo

I am Principal of Tora Judo Kai as well as Executive Director for Bushido Budo Kai, with Sensei Steve Chappell. I was one of the founder members of Sensei Bridges’ martial arts club, Bushido Martial Arts Academy (formerly known as Bushido Bristol), and have trained predominantly in the art of Judo for some 34 years.

Welfare Officer
Anne Barnes

Health and Safety Officer
Alan Poyzer

Director of Judo
Steve Chappell

Director of Ju-jitsu
Roy Hancock
6th Dan Yawara Kwai Goshin Ju-Jitsu, 5th Dan judo, 3rd Dan Atemi Jutsu. Shihan

I have had many years of experience in Martial Arts. My own School, Yawara Kwai, was established in 1977 and is now developing fast, with three branches across the Midlands and the West Country.

Director of Karate
Neil Andrews

Director of Aikido
Richard Blackwell
4th Dan Aikido, 2nd Dan Ju-Jitsu, 2nd Dan Aiki Jitsu, 1st Kyu Judo

My interest in Martial Arts began in 1977 although I embarked upon serious study in 1985 when I took up Aikido, Ju-Jitsu and traditional Japanese weaponry. I currently run a small dojo in my hometown of Lambourn teaching predominantly Aikido.

Director of Aiki-jutsu and Buki-jitsu
Rod Hayward
4th Dan Aikido, 3rd Dan AikiJutsu, 3rd Dan Judo, 3rd Dan Budo, 1st Dan Ju-Jitsu

My study of the Martial Arts began with Judo in 1978 and throughout my career I have had the pleasure of training with Senseis Bill Burnside and the late Charles Fletcher, both 8th Dans from the ‘old school’. My own dojo opened in 1988 called Komurakwai (Small Village Club).

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